Sunday, August 7, 2016


Hi! and welcome to my small corner of the web. 

Please note that the majority of my tags have EAC in them. If you have small children around or are offended by such things, please do not view them. You are still more than welcome to enjoy the free stuff that I have available.
With the above mentioned, if you do like my tags, and would like to see me post the tutorials for these tags, please email me and let me know. This will most likely encourage me to begin writing them again.

I haven't been in the PSP/PS community in a very, very long time. Some of you may remember me, others may have never knew me, but either way, I am back to get creative again. I have new plans this time around as to what I will be doing. Please keep in mind everything that I post here are items of my own creation. This does not include my tag creations. If you have any questions on those, please feel free to email me.  

Please show some love and respect by reading and adhering to my T.O.U's before downloading any of my files.  

1. My Tag Previews

2. Tag Templates

4. Scrap Templates

5. Scrapkits

6. Scrapbits

7. Masks

8. Brushes 

I will also be adding all of my older stuff, as there may be some of you who do not have it or have (unfortunately) "lost" your stuff from a hard drive crash.